Well, obviously the blog has been rather dormant of late. Shop time has slowed to a crawl as I approach the event horizon of my own personal black hole. We bought a new house and it only needed “a wee little bit of sprucing up…” Huh.

Anyway, just to prove that I have not completely disappeared, here’s a couple of photos of a not-too-recent project. It’s a box made of hemlock and cedar, and I really like how those two woods look together. It’s on the large size (approx. 20″x20″x12″) and I tried to keep it simple and clean.

A detail shot of the spinner:

Both the cedar and the hemlock are quartersawn, and I like the look of the parallel grain – it adds to the “cleanness” in my opinion.

And of course, it opens…

More posts as I get the chance – soon I hope, although the shop is sitting in a storage unit waiting for its new home. Don’t worry, it’s okay, I had it cryogenically frozen like Walt Disney…
More on that another time.

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