Edge-to-edge joints, part 8

When to remove the clamps The instructions on the Titebond III bottle recommend “clamp for a minimum of 30 minutes (longer is better)” and “Do not stress joints for 24 hours,” which is how long PVA glues generally take to fully cure. I leave the clamps on at least...

Something from Left Field: Fiberglassing your Fingernail

No, seriously, crazy cracks on toenails happen often enough in hockey and this is what I do to fix that problem except this time it was for a fingernail that couldn't stop snagging on everything.  Like the pillowcase.  Right after you roll over.[embedded content]...

Edge-to-edge joints, part 6

Clamping capacity Can small shop clamping methods generate enough pressure to make a good edge-to-edge joint? The short answer is yes. Let’s look at the details. The US Forest Products Laboratory in their very useful Wood Handbook, chapter 10, page 16 (2010 edition),...

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