All of it, together

I was listening to a Pandora station in the shop today and it got me to thinking. Pandora is a wonderful music app that characterizes each song or track of recorded music using “hundreds of musical details . . . melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics...

Something from Left Field: Fiberglassing your Fingernail

No, seriously, crazy cracks on toenails happen often enough in hockey and this is what I do to fix that problem except this time it was for a fingernail that couldn't stop snagging on everything.  Like the pillowcase.  Right after you roll over.[embedded content]...

Review of Two WoodRiver Vises: Pattern Makers’ and Gunstock

Long ago, I drooled on the Tucker vise page of the Lee Valley catalog. Seemed really nice; seemed really expensive.  So I punted and got a typical quick-release vise.  Works great, for flat stuff.Recently, I took a class from Michael Fortune and had him over to my...

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