Harbor Freight Foot Switch Review

I recently bought a foot switch from Harbor Freight for my scroll saw.  I thought it would be fun to try it out on other tools too.  Check out my video then read more about my thoughts below. Harbor Freight sells two types of foot switches.  The Momentary Foot Switch...
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Make Some Easy Wall Shelves!

My daughter asked me to help her make some shelves for her room.  Watch us have some fun in the shop while making these Easy Wall Shelves that anyone can make.[embedded content]This is a great project for getting kids involved in woodworking.  Going to the home center...
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Edge-to-edge joints, part 7

This discussion primarily applies to PVA glue, which most woodworkers use for these joints. I prefer Titebond III for its relatively long open time, ease of use, and dependability. Alternative glues with longer open times include special slow-set PVAs or liquid hide...
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