MWA Episode #99.5 – Braxton Wirthlin 5 Questions

Braxton runs through the gauntlet of the 5 Questions. 5 QuestionsHow did you get into woodworking? What’s your favorite tool? Who has influenced you the most? What was your biggest stumbling block? How has the internet influenced your work? Where can you find us?If...
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Push Shoes, Blocks, And Sticks – Importance Of Design And Use

The finger looks terrible but I put it up for a reason. Many woodworkers go their whole life without ever cutting their finger on a table saw. Some say it is just luck of the draw, but that is rarely the case. The plain fact is there is no such thing as over...
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Building A Simple Bookcase With Minimal Tools

Do you display photos and books on a few boards being held up with cinder blocks or bricks? If so, then I have some great news for you. To build a bookcase or book shelves, you aren’t required to be a master woodworker, carpenter, or designer. You can be even the most...
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